Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter

Meet the characters

Say hello to a few of my friends, lovers and enemies…

Anita BlakeAnita Blake

That’s me. I’m a licensed vampire killer and a necromancer for Animators, Inc - a St Louis-based business that raises the dead for the right price. Some people might say I have emotional issues. Ok, so I lose my temper sometimes but I’m good at my job. I try not to mix business with pleasure but things have been getting a little complicated…


No denying it, Jean-Claude is one of the most beautiful vampires on the block. On the planet in fact. A successful businessman, he owns several clubs in St. Louis including Guilty Pleasures, The Laughing Corpse and Danse Macabre. Don’t be fooled by those divine eyes; Jean-Claude’s seductive powers can be very, very dangerous.

Richard ZeemanRichard Zeeman

Six feet one and disturbingly handsome, Richard is an extremely powerful alpha werewolf but I also like to think of him as a bit of a boy scout. He certainly has a dark side when he lets the beast out of its cage but deep down he’s got a kind heart. Of course, that doesn’t stop him killing when he has to…

Veronica “Ronnie” SimmsVeronica “Ronnie” Simms

Ronnie is my best friend, my workout partner and my confidante. We both work for Animators, Inc but she’s a private investigator. I’m the one who does the real dirty work. Although in some ways you could say she’s been a bad influence on me.


When it comes to appearances my friend Edward may not look like an imposing man. But look into those baby blue eyes and you’ll see a lethal killer. An absolute gun freak, Edward knows his stuff when it comes to murder, and he taught me most of what I know. A pro assassin, Edward likes to hunt supernatural beings because humans are way too easy apparently. But Edward leads a double life and I don’t think his fiancé Dawn has a clue what he’s really up to.


Badly scarred by holy water, Asher has had a pretty rough life, even by vampire standards. Despite his disfigurement, he still has this amazing ability to make people fall madly in love with him.

Meng DieMeng Die

A petite, delicate little china doll of a vampire, Meng Die isn’t as innocent as she looks. She’s an aggressive and accomplished fighter. And unfortunately not my biggest fan…

Bert VaughnBert Vaughn

My boss, the founder of Animators, Inc. Admittedly he’s a man of almost no morals but I have to pay the bills somehow.